Everlane Forever Sneaker Review

Everlane Forever Sneaker Everlane Forever Sneaker

Back with another review post today, this time, focusing on the Everlane Forever Sneaker. Sneakers never really used to register as part of my “style profile”; for years I’d written them off as something which felt too casual, and not quite in line with my personal style.

Clearly, there’s been a monumental shift in the way I put together outfits, as I’ve found myself reaching for sneakers a few times a week. I put this down to two major factors; the more relaxed/casual lifestyle we’ve led during lockdown, and becoming a mum.

I’ve got more than my fair share of sneakers now, but these are the only tennis shoe/canvas plimsole style I have, so there’s a completely different vibe. So let’s run through the details of the Everlane Forever Sneaker.


Price: $58 USD (or $81 AUD)
Available in five colours: Black, India ink, Teak, Sycamore, and White
Made in: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Fabric: 50% Recycled cotton canvas + 50% cotton canvas upper, rubber outsole, metal eyelets, and 100% recycled polyester laces
Care: Machine wash cold, hang to dry


Everlane seem to have recently updated their sizing chart, which is both more comprehensive, and more confusing at the same time. Based on my sizing, and the knowledge I have about the fit of my shoes (lengthwise), I stuck with my usual US9.5, which are the perfect fit. As per the website, they definitely run true to size.

To put how challenging I found their new sizing chart into perspective, I’m typically an EU40, FR41, UK7 or AU9. None of these actually lined up… So I determined that the most accurate measurement was from the Japanese and South Korean sizing; both based on shoe length in centimetres and millimetres. If you’ve bought Everlane shoes before, stick with your usual size.

Fit-wise, I’ve found these very comfortable.My feet are wide, and I hav a bunion on my left foot, so often I find Everlane shoes to be on the narrow side. As with the other styles in the TREAD range, I’ve found that the Everlane Forever Sneaker has a wider fit. No rubbing on my pain points, or tension across the widest part of my food.

Everlane Forever Sneaker
Everlane Forever Sneaker
Everlane Forever Sneaker
Everlane Forever Sneaker


I’ve never had any issues with the quality of Everlane shoes, and their Forever Sneakers are no different.

One of the things that really drew me in, wasn’t just the recycled materials that they’re constructed from, but that they’re machine washable. I try to extend the lifespan of my core wardrobe essentials, and I think we can all agree; sneakers – and in particular, white sneakers – can be tough to keep clean. Mine are still relatively “fresh” so I haven’t had a chance to test this out yet, but will make a point of updating this post once I have.

The design of the Everlane Forever Sneaker is pretty simple. I went with the white; a classic by all means. They have a thick rubber sole, which is an ecru/off-white colour which creates some contrast against the canvas textile of the shoes. There’s a small pull tab with “TREAD” on it at the heel (not really functional), in addition to “TREAD” branding on the sole. Aside from that, the design is clean, minimal, and simple. I like that there’s no seams running across the front of the foot. And, the eyelets for the laces match the colour of the canvas (across all options).

Everlane Forever Sneaker
Everlane Forever Sneaker
Everlane Forever Sneaker


Outfit 1: RE/Done t-shirt; Arket jeans; Everlane Forever Sneaker; Polene number one nano bag
Outfit 2: Everlane alpaca sweater; Isabel Marant skirt; Everlane Forever Sneaker; Linjer lana bag

I thought I’d share how the Everlane Forever Sneaker pair with both jeans and skirts; the two ways I envisioned myself wearing them the most. Since taking these photos, I’ve also gone on to wear them with shorts and linen trousers. Which suggests to me that they really are incredibly versatile. I think what makes them so easy to wear, is the low profile around the ankle, and that they don’t come up too high on the front of the foot. This exposes more skin, which in turn makes them flattering to wear. Additionally, I think I made the right choice going for the classic white. They seem to transition well from being worn with both darker colours, and lighter ones.


Hand on my heart, YES. They’re comfortable, affordable, and a classic silhouette. Something that isn’t about to go out of style any time soon – a factor that’s been playing a big role when deciding what shoes to add to my wardrobe.

It’s been years since I’ve had a plimsole-style sneaker in my wardrobe. Not counting the Converse I bought (and then trashed during our renovation) two years ago, I’d say the last time was when I was in my early twenties. They were a style staple for me, as I spent two months making my way through Europe. As a (relatively) new mum, they’re practical, being comfortable enough to wear on my daily hour-long walks. And unlike a regular trainer or leather sneaker, these have less bulk and feel more effortless to style.

I like the fact that the Everlane Forever Sneaker caters to those with wider feet. And I experienced no rubbing at all; not even on their first wear. Another note-worthy detail is that they’re made from 50% recycled cotton canvas, and the laces are recycled polyester. I really admire that the brand is going to lengths to stick to their commitment of reducing virgin materials where possible along their supply chain, and it really shows.

The other bonus for me is that they’re machine washable. One thing I am continuously mindful as we start introducing solids to our boy, is that food gets everywhere. On the floor, on the walls, all over my hands, and of course, on my shoes. Knowing that I can quickly pop these in the wash to get rid of any marks, or even just to freshen them up, is reassuring.

As always, happy to answer any other questions you have about these shoes in the comments section below!


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